Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Set 26 Letters

These are so cool. Set 26 has designed letters that double as storage devices, gotta love the Germans! If only the website was in english, but check it out anyway, in particular the section where you can create your own word.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

Mizue Hirano

Mizue Hirano's watercolors are so gorgeous and delicate. Shown here are examples of her work on a book, poster, packaging and magazine spreads in Japan. I love to see such a soft medium being applied to advertising and mainstream design. (Source Oh Joy!)

Henry Road

Henry Road’s colorful retro global style is a tribute to sixties and seventies bold design with African and Asian influences. (Source Oh Joy!)

Prada love

Never before have I experienced such a love affair with leather goods as I do now. Prada has taken design to another level, and starting with their website, it is simply magic.The colour, the detail, and the fact that it is Prada all fuel this exciting collection which has got me budgeting like nothing before just to be able to obtain one on these exclusive pieces. The main source of my delight comes from their new range of what I like to call 'fishy bags'. Being a Piscean, this decadent range of purses, clutches and hand bags is based on a tropical fish design, and I am in heaven. The only downside is the fact that I love all of the colour combinations, and therefore cannot decide which one I love more. Having seen then in person has made this even more difficult. The leather is even more luxurious in the flesh, and I have suddenly realised why people will spend huge sums of money on luxury items such as these... because they are works of art.