Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Courtney Brims

Courtney Brims is a self-taught artist living in Brisbane. He artwork, featured in this months Frankie Magazine, reflects her obsession with all thing unusual. Her work can be purchase via her online shop.

Sweel Paul

I found this lovely photographer and stylist through Bespoke Letterpress. Sweet Paul does a Christmas Countdown each year, showcasing some of the lovely interiors he has created. These are my favourites, Merry Christmas everyone!

Catherine Martin

I love everything that Catherine Martin designs. That woman can do no wrong. I really want a fantastic panel of this Black Cockatoo print in my house. Powerful and beautifully detailed.

Nikki Farquharson

Thanks to the Cool Hunter for putting me onto London-based graphic designer and illustrator, Nikki Farquharson. Her ongoing project, Mixed Media Girls, gives the viewer a lot to look at. The collages appear innocent and sweet but at the same time sharp and edgy.

Robert Indiana

'Love' paper weight by Rovert Indiana. Available in four colours at www.colette.fr (90 Euros)

Guy Peppin

Guy Peppin uses a combination of oils, acrylics and pencil on canvas to create these soft abstract pieces that I love. Available at the Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney.