Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Kat Macleod

I have been to add Kat to my blog for way too long, and finally I have got around to doing it! I had the pleasure of having Kat in my classes at University. She was gorgeous then, and even more gorgeous now. Kat Macleod’s collage ladies will inspire confusing feelings of wardrobe envy, even though they are drawings and not people. She finds fashion, textiles, new art supplies and old books inspiring. Her clients include Vogue Entertaining and Travel, Collette Dinnigan, Harper’s Bazaar, Madison and Frankie. She has also illustrated three books, Bird, The Cocktail Book and Like I give a frock. She enjoys hot chips, talking on the phone and her cat. She also runs her own design business with friends called Ortolan. She is a true inspiration.

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