Monday, 23 November 2009

Bernabei Freeman

Rina and Kelly have been working together since 2000. They have always been obsessed with decoration, the domestic interior and using materials in non-obvious ways. Being industrial designers the two are excited by the challenge of mass manufacture and the modern day factory.

This has translated into a range of modern lighting and furniture that combines "brutal technical precision and delicate sensuality rolled into one". Their work has received several national awards, and been exhibited both locally and internationally, most recently in Zona Tortona at the Milan Furniture Fair, and at the Milan Triennale.

Since the two formed bernabeifreeman, they have always aimed to deliver a high design product, of the best possible quality for the domestic and commercial market. Sustainability and product life cycle has always been part of their design process, right from the concept stage.

Rina and Kelly are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with manufacturers, play with new materials and expand their range both in Australia and abroad. They are inspired by the potential of new design.Check them out at

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